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    In Scotch law. A wand or staff carried by the messenger of a court, and which, when deforced, (that is, hindered from executing process.) he breaks, as a symbol of the deforcement,- and protest for remedy of law. 2 Forb. Inst. 207.
    An ancient customary tenure of lands; I. e.t to drive deer to a stand tbat the lord may have a shot. Blount, Ten. 140.
    In marine insurance. Ullage; deficiency in the contents of a cask or vessel caused by leaking. Cory v. Boyl* ston Fire A Marine Ins. Co., 107 Mass. 140, 0 Am. Rep. 14.
    Regardless of another's rights. See WANTONNESS.
    A reckless or malicious and intentional disregard of the property, rights, or safety of others, implying, active¬ly, a licentious or contemptuous willingness to injure and disregard of the consequences to others, and, passively, more than mere negligence, that is, a conscious and inten-tional disregard of duty. See Braslngton v. South More...
    In English law. A local division of the country; the name is ttl use north of the Trent to denote a hundred. The derivation of the name is said to be from "weapon" and "take," and indicates! that the division was originally of a military character. Cowell; Brown.Also a hundred More...
  • WAR
    A state of forcible contention; an armed contest between nations; a state of hostility between two or more nations or states. Gro. de Jur. B. lib. 1, c. 1. Every connection by force between two nations, in external matters, under the au-thority of their respective governments, is a pubiic war. More...
  • WARD
    1. Guarding; care; charge; as, the ward of a castle; so in the phrase "watch and ward.2. A division in the city of London committed to the special ward (guardianship) of an alderman. 3. A territorial division is adopted In most American cities by which the municipality is separated Into More...
    Lat. In old English law. Ward; guard; protection; keeping; custody. Spelman. A ward; an infant under wardship. Id. In old Scotch law. An award; the Judgment of a court.
    A guardian; a keeper. This is the name given to various officers.
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