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  • Q. B.
    An abbreviation of "Queen's Bench."
  • Q. B. D.
    An abbreviation of "Queen's Bench Division."
  • Q. C. F.
    An abbreviation of "Queen's Counsel."
  • Q. C. F.
    An abbreviation of "quare clau-fregit," (q. v.)
  • Q. E. N.
    An abbreviation of "quare exe-cutionem non," wherefore execution [should] not [be issued.]
  • Q.S.
    An abbreviation for "Quarter Sessions."
  • Q. T.
    An abbreviation of "qui torn," (q. v.)
  • Q. V.
    An abbreviation of "quod vide," used to refer a reader to the word, chapter, etc., the name of which It immediately follows.
  • QUA
    Lat. Considered as; in the character or capacity of. For example, "the trustee qua trustee [that is, in his character aa trustee].is not liable," etc. Lat.
    A pretender to medical skill which he does not possess; one who practices as a physician or surgeon without adequate preparation or due qualification. See El-mergreen v. Horn, 115 Wis. 385, 91 N. W. 973.
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