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  • R.
    In the signatures of royal persons, "R." ia an abbreviation for "rem" (king) or "regina" (queen.) In descriptions of land, according to the divisions of the governmental survey. It stands for "range." Ot-tuniwa, etc, R. Co. v. McWilliams, 71 Iowa, 164, 32 N. W. 315.
  • R. G.
    An abbreviation for Regula Gen-ralist a general rule or order of court; or for the plural of the same.
  • R. L.
    This abbreviation may stand either for "Revised Laws" or "Roman law."
  • R. S.
    An abbreviation for "Revised Statutes."
  • RACE
    A tribe, people, or nation, belonging or supposed to belong to the same stock or lineage. "Race, color, or.previous condition of servitude." Const U. S., Am. XV.
    An artificial canal dug in the earth; a channel cut in the ground. Wilder v. De Cou, 26 Minn. 17, 1 N. W. 4& The channel for the current that drives a water-wheel. Webster.
    In French law. The right of repurchase which, in English and American law, the vendor may reserve-to himself. It is also called "remree' Brown.
    L. Fr. To redeem; to repurchase, (or buy back.) Kelham.
    In Scotch law. Ransom; corresponding to Saxon "weregild," a pecuniary comitosltion for an offense. Skene; Jacob.
    In the legal polity of the Salians and Ripuarlans and other Germanic peoples, this name was given to the judges or assessors who sat with the count in his mallum, (court,) and were generally associated with him in other matters. Spelman.
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