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  • J.
    The initial letter of the words "Judge" and "Justice," for which it frequently stands as an abbreviation. Thus, "J. A.," Judge advocate; "X J.," Junior Judge; "L. J.," law Judge; "P. J.," president Judge; "F. J.," flrst Judge; "A. J.," associate Judge; "0. J.," chief Justice or Judge; "J. P.," More...
  • JAC.
    An abbreviation for "Jacobus" the Latin form of the name James; used principally in citing statutes enacted in the reigns of the English kings of that name; e. p., "St. 1 Jac. II." Used also in citing the second part of Croke's reports; thus, "Cro. Jac." denotes "Croke's reports of More...
    Lat Lying in abeyance, as in the phrase "hwreditas jacens," which is an inheritance or estate lying vacant or in abeyance prior to the ascertainment of the heir or his assumption of the succession.
    Lat In bid English law. It lies in the mouth. Fleta, lib. 5, c. & i 49.
  • JACK
    A kind of defensive coat-armor worn by horsemen in war; not made of solid iron, but of many plates fastened together. Some tenants were bound by their tenure to find it upon Invasion. Cowell.
    A gold coin worth 24s., so called from James I., who was king when it was struck. Enc. Lond.
    A false boasting; a false claim; assertions repeated to the prejudice of another's right The species of defamation or disparagement of another's title to real estate known at common law as "slander of title" comes under the head of jactitation, and in some jurisdictions (as in Louisiana) a remedy for More...
    Lost by default; tossed away. Cowell.
    In the civil law. A throwing of goods overboard in a storm; jettison. Loss from such a cause Calvin.
    A throwing goods overboard to lighten or save the vessel, in which case the goods so sacrificed are a proper subject for general average. Dig. 14, 2, "de lege Rhodia de Jactu." And see Barnard v. Adams, 10 How. 303, 13 L. Ed. 417. -Jactns lapilli. The throwing down of More...
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