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  • A.
    The first letter of the English alphabet, used to distinguish the first page of a folio from the second, marked b, or the first page of a book, the first foot-note on a printed page, the first of a series of subdivisions, etc., from the following ones, which are marked More...
  • A.
    Lat. The letter marked on the ballots by which, among the Romans, the people voted against a proposed law. It was the initial letter of the word "antiquo," I am for the old law. Also the letter inscribed on the ballots by which Jurors voted to acquit an accused party. More...
  • "A."
    The English indefinite article. This particle Is not necessarily a singular term; it is often used in the sense of "any," and is then applied to more than one individual object. National Union Bank v. Copeland, 141 Mass. 267, 4 N. E. 794; Snowden v. Gulon, 101 N. Y. 458, More...
  • A. D.
    Lat Contraction for Anno Domini, (in the year of our Lord.)
  • A. R.
    Anno regni, the year of the reign; as, A. R. V. R. 22, (Anno Regni Victoria Regime vicesimo secundot) in the twenty-second year of the reign of Queen Victoria.
  • A 1.
    Of the highest qualities. An expression which originated in a practice of underwriters of rating vessels in three classes, —A, B, and C; and these again in ranks numbered. Abbott. A description of a ship as "A 1" amounts to a warranty. Ollive v. Booker, 1 Exch. 423.
    L. Fr. (L. Lat. habendum et tenendum.) To have and to hold. Co. Litt |§ 523, 524. A aver et tener a Iny et a sea heircs, a touts jours,—to have and to hold to him and his heirs forever. Id. I 625. See AVER ET TENER.
    From the heavens to the center of the earth. A oommuni observantia non est recedendum. From common observance there should be no departure; there must be no departure from common usage. 2 Coke, 74; Co. Litt. 186a, 2296, 365a; Wing. Max. 752, max. 203. A maxim applied to the practice More...
    (Lat. consilium, advice.) Of counsel; a counsellor. The term is used in the civil law by some writers instead of a responsis. Spelman, "Apocrisarius."
    In French law. In relation to the contract of affreightment, signifies when the cargo is taken on condition that the master succeeds in completing his cargo from other sources. Arg. Fr. Merc. Law, 543.
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