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  • M.
    This letter, used as a Roman numeral, stands for one thousand. It was also, In old English law, a brand or stigma impressed upon tbe brawn of the thumb of a person convicted of manslaughter and admitted to the benefit of clergy. This letter was sometimes put on the face More...
  • M. D.
    An abbreviation for "Middle District," in reference to the division of the United States into judicial districts. Also an abbreviation for "Doctor of Medicine."
  • M. R.
    An abbreviation for "Master of the Rolls."
  • M. T.
    An abbreviation for "Michaelmas Term."
  • MACE
    A large staff, made of the precious metals, and highly ornamented. It is used as an emblem of authority, and carried before certain public functionaries by a mace-bearer. In many legislative bodies, tbe mace is employed as a visible symbol of the dignity and collective authority of the house; In More...
    In old English law. One who buys stolen goods, particularly food, knowing it to have been stolen.
    In Roman law. This was the Senotus-consultum Mace-donianum, a decree of the Roman senate, first given under Claudius, and renewed under Vespasian, by which It was declared that no action should be maintained to recover a loan of money made to a child who was under the patria potest as. More...
    To make a warlike device over a gate or other passage like to a grate, through which scalding water or ponderous or offensive things may be cast npon the assailants. Co. Litt 5a.
    Contriving a plot or conspiracy. The act of planning or contriving a scheme for executing some purpose, particularly an evil purpose; an artful design formed with deliberation.
    In patent law. Any contrivance used to regulate or augment force or motion; more properly, a complex structure, consisting of a combination, or peculiar modification, of the mechanical powers. The term "machine" in patent law, includes every mechanical device, or combination of mechanical powers and devices, to perform some function More...
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