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  • N.
    An abbreviation of "Novella," the Novels of Justinian, used in citing them. Tayl. Civil Law, 24. In English, a common and familiar abbreviation for the word "north," as used in maps, charta, conveyances, etc. See Burr v. Broadway Ins. Co., 16 N. X. 27L
  • N.A.
    An abbreviation for "non allocatur," it is not allowed.
  • N. B.
    An abbreviation for "nota bene," mark well, observe; also "nulla bona" no goods.
  • N. D.
    An abbreviation for "Northern District"
  • N. E. I.
    L An abbreviation for "non est inventus," he is not found.
  • N. L.
    An abbreviation of "non liquet," (which see.)
  • N. P.
    An abbreviation for "notary public," (Rowley v. Berrian, 12 111. 200;) also for "nisi prius," (q. v.)
  • N. R.
    An abbreviation for "New Reports;" also for "not reported," and for "nonresident".
  • N. S.
    An abbreviation for "New Series;" also for "New Style."
  • NAAM
    Sax. The attaching or taking of movable goods and chattels, called "vif" or "mort" according as the chattels were living or dead. Termes de la Ley.
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