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  • P.L.
    An abbreviation for "Pamphlet Laws" or "Public Laws."
  • P.M.
    An abbreviation for "postmaster" also for "post-meridian," afternoon.
  • P.O.
    An abbreviation of "public officer;99 also of "post-office."
  • P.P.
    An abbreviation for "propria persona" in his proper person, in his own person
  • P.S.
    An abbreviation for "Public Statutes ;" also for "postscript"
    In old English law. A toll for passage through another's land. The same as "pedage."
    L. Lat To pay.
    Payment Mat Par. A. D. 1248.
  • PACE
    A measure of length containing two feet and a half, being the ordinary length of a step.
    Lat. Let him be freed or discharged.Paei sunt in ami me eontraria vis at injuria. Co. Litt 101. Violence and injury are the things chiefly hostile to peace.
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