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  • I.
    The initial letter of the word "Instituta," used by some civilians In citing the Institutes of Justinian. Tayl. Civil Law, 24.
  • I-CTUS
    An abbreviation for "jurisconsultus." one learned in the law; a jurisconsult.
  • I. E.
    An abbreviation for "id est," that is; that is to say.
  • I O U
    A memorandum of debt, consisting of these letters, ("I owe you,") a sum of money, and the debtor's signature, is termed an I O U." Kinney v. Flynn, 2 R. I. 329.
    In old English law. The season for sowing winter corn. Also spelled "hibernagium" and "hybernaglum." Ibi semper debet fieri triatio ubi jura-tores meUorem possunt habere notitiam. 7 Coke, lb. A trial should always be had where the jurors can be the best informed.
    Lat. In the same place; in the same book; on the same page, etc Abbreviated to "ibid." or "ib."
    The ancient name for the people of Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, and Huntingdonshire, in England.
    An image, figure, or representation of a thing. Du Cange.
    In old English law. A stroke or blow from a club or stone; a bruise, contusion, or swelling produced by a blow from a club or stone, as distinguished from "plaga," (a wound.) Fleta, lib. 1, c. 41, | 8. -Ictus orbis. In medical jurisprudence. A maim, a bruise, or More...
  • ID EST
    Lat. That is. Commonly abbreviated "i. e." Id perfeetum est quod ex omnibus suis partibus constat. That is perfect which consists of all its parts. 9 Coke, 9. Id possums quod de jure possumua Lane, 116. We may do only that which by law we are allowed to do. Id More...
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