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  • L.
    This letter, as a Roman numeral, stands for the number "fifty." It Is also used as an abbreviation for "law," "Uber" (a book,) "lord," and some other words of which it is the initial.
  • L. 5.
    An abbreviation of "Long Quinto," one of the parts of the Tear Books.
  • L. C.
    An abbreviation which may stand either for "Lord Chancellor," "Lower Canada," or "Leading Cases."
  • L. J.
    An abbreviation for "Law Judge;" also for "Law Journal"
  • L. L.
    (also L. Lat.) and L. F. (also L. Fr.) are used as abbreviations of the terms "Law Latin" and "Law French."
  • L. R.
    An abbreviation for "Law Reports."
  • L. S.
    An abbreviation for "Locus sigilli," the place of the seal, i. e., the place where a seal is to be affixed, or a scroll which stands instead of a seal. See Smith v. Butler, 25 N. H. 524 ; Barnes v. Walker, 115 6a. 108, 41 S. E. 243; McLaughlin More...
  • LL.
    The reduplicated form of the abbreviation "L." for "law," used as a plural. It is generally used in citing old collections of statute law; as "LL. Hen. I."
  • LL.B., LL.M., AND LL.D.
    Abbreviations used to denote, respectively, the three academic degrees in law,bachelor, master, and doctor of laws.
  • LA
    Fr. The. The definite article in the feminine gender. Occurs in some legal terms and phrases; as "Termes de la Ley," terms of the law.
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