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  • U. B.
    An abbreviation for "Upper Bench."
  • U. C.
    An abbreviation for "Upper Canada," used in citing the reports.
  • U. R.
    Initials of "uti rogas," be it as you desire, a ballot thus Inscribed, by which the Romans voted in favor of a bill or candidate. Tayl. Civil Law, 19L
  • U. S.
    An abbreviation for "United States."
    (Latin) The most abundant good faith; absolute and perfect candor or openness and honesty; the absence of any concealment or deception, however slight i Ubi aliquid oonoeditur, eoneeditur et id sine quo res ipsa esse son potest. When anything is granted, that also is granted without which the thing granted More...
    Where in reality; when in truth or in point of fact Cro. Eliz. 645 ; Cro. Jac. 4. Ub! verba oonjuncta non sunt suffloit alterutrum esse factum. Dig. 50, 17, 110, 3. Where words are not conjoined, it is enough if one or other be complied with.
    Omnipresence; presence in several places, or in all places, at one time. A fiction of English law is the "legal ubiquity" of the sovereign, by which he is con¬structively present in all the courts. 1 BL Comm. 270.
  • UDAL
    A term mentioned by Blackstone as used in Finland to denote that kind of right in real property which is called, in English law, "allodial." 2 Bl. Comm. 45, note.
    The name of a law or ordinance made by the czar of Russia.
    In commercial law. The amount wanting when a cask, on being gauged, is found not to be completely full.
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