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  • W.
    As an abbreviation, this letter frequently stands for "William," (king of England,) "Westminster," "west," or "western."
  • W.D.
    An abbreviation for "Western District."
    Pr. A vagabond, or vagrant Britt. c. 29.
    In Scotch law. The old term for a mortgage. A right by which lands or other heritable subjects are impignorated by the proprietor to his creditor in security of his debt Wadsets are usually drawn, in the form of mutual contracts, in which one partly sells the land, and the More...
    In Scotch law. A creditor to whom a wadset is made, corresponding to a mortgagee.
    Conductors of vessels at sea. Cowell.
  • WAGA
    In old English law. A weigh; a measure of cheese, salt, wool, etc., contain¬ing two hundred and fifty-six pounds avoir-dupois. Cowell *, Spelman.
  • WAGE
    In old English practice. To give security for the performance of a thing. Cowell.
    A wager is a contract by which two or more parties agree that a certain sum of money or other thing shall be paid or de-livered to one of them on the happening of an uncertain event or upon the ascertain¬ment of a fact which is in dispute between them. More...
    A common vehicle for the transportation of goods, wares, and merchan-dise of all descriptions. The term does not include a hackney-coach. Quigley v. Gorham, 5 CaL 418, 63 Am. Dec 189. —Wagonage. Money paid for carriage in a wagon.
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