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  • WAIF
    Waifs are goods found, but claimed by nobody; that of which every one waives the claim. Also, goods stolen and waived, or thrown away by the thief in his flight, for fear of being apprehended. Wharton. Waifs are to be distinguished from bona fugitive, which are the goods of the More...
    The compensation agreed upon by a master to be paid to a servant or any other person hired to do work or business for him. In maritime law. The compensation al-lowed to seamen for their services on board a vessel during a voyage. In political economy. The reward paid, whether More...
    In feudal and old English law. Timber for wagons or carts.
    In old records. That may be plowed or manured; tillable. Cowell; Blount.
    In old English law. The team and Instruments of husbandry belonging to a countryman, and especially to a villein who was required to perform agricultural services.
    What is necessary to the farmer for the cultivation of his land. Barring. Ob. St. 12.
    Officers whose duty it formerly was to wait in attendance upon the court of chancery. The office was abolished in 1842 by St 5 & 6 Vict. c. 103. Mozley & Whitley.
    v. To abandon or throw away; as when a thief, in his flight, throws aside the stolen goods, In order to facilitate his escape, he is technically said to waive them. In modern law, to renounce, repudiate, or surrender a claim, a privilege, a right, or the opitoftunlty to take More...
    n. A woman outlawed. The term is. as it were, the feminine of "outlaw," the latter being always applied to a man; "waive," to a woman. Cowell.
    The chief magistrate of Ripon, In Yorkshire.
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