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  • O. C.
    An abbreviation, in the civil law, for "ope concilio" (q. v.) In American law, these letters are used as an abbreviation for "Orphans' Court"
  • O.K.
    A conventional symbol, of obscure origin, much used in commercial practice and occasionally in Indorsements on legal documents, signifying "correct," "approved," "accepted," "satisfactory," or "assented to." See Getchell & Martin Lumber Co. v. Peterson, 124 Iowa, 599, 100 N. W. 550; Morgan-ton Mfg. Co. v. Ohio River, etc., Ry. Co., More...
  • O. N. B.
    An abbreviation for "Old Nature Brevium." See NATURA BREVIUM.
  • O. NI.
    It was the course of the English exchequer, as soon as the sheriff entered into and made up his account for issues, amerciaments, etc., to mark upon each head "O. Ni.," which denoted oneratur, nisi habeat suflicientem exoncrationem, and presently he became the king's debtor, and a debet was set. More...
  • O. S.
    An abbreviation for "Old Style" or "Old Series."
  • OATH
    An external pledge or assevera¬tion, made in verification of statements made or to be made, coupled with an appeal to a sacred or venerated object, in evidence of the serious and reverent state of mind of the party, or with an invocation to a su¬preme being to witness the words More...
  • OB.
    Lat On account of; for. Several Latin phrases and maxims, commencing with this word, are more commonly introduced by V (q. v.)
    For some cause arising out of a maritime matter. 1 Pet. Adm. 92. Said to be Selden's translation of the Trench, definition of admiralty jurisdiction, "pour le fait de la mer.n Id.
    On account of contiguity to the offense, I. 6., being contaminated by conjunction with something illegal. Pbr example, the cargo of a vessel, though not contraband, or unlawful, may be condemned in admiralty, along with the vessel, when the vessel has been engaged in some service which renders her liable More...
    On account, of connection; by reason of similarity. In Scotch law, this phrase expresses a ground for the consolidation of actions..
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