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  • S.
    As an abbreviation, this letter stands for "section," "statute," and various other words of which it Is the initial.
  • S. B.
    An abbreviation for "senate bill."
  • S. C.
    An abbreviation for "same case." Inserted between two citations, it Indicates that the same case is reported in both places. It Is also an abbreviation for "supreme court," and for "select cases;" also for "South Carolina."
  • S. D.
    An abbreviation for "southern district"
  • S. F. S.
    An abbreviation in the civil law for "sine fraude sua" (without fraud on his part) Calvin.
  • S.L.
    An abbreviation for "session [or statute] laws."
  • S. P.
    An abbreviation of "sine prole" without issue. Also an abbreviation of "same principle," or "same point," indicating, when inserted between two citations, that the second Involves the same doctrine as the first.
  • S.V.
    An abbreviation for "sub voce" under the word; used in references to dictionaries, and other works arranged alphabetically.
    One of the names of the first day of the week; more properly called "Sunday," (q. v.) See State v. Drake, 64 N. C. 591; Gunn v. State, 89 Ga. 841, 15 S. E. 458. -Sabbath-breaking. The offense of violating the laws prescribed for the observance of Sunday. State v. More...
    L. Lat. The Sabbath; also peace. Domesday.
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