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  • B.
    The second letter of the English alphabet; is used to denote the second of a series of pages, notes, etc.; the subsequent letters, the third and following numbers.
  • B. C.
    An abbreviation for "before Christ," "bail court," "bankruptcy cases," and "British Columbia."
  • B. E.
    An abbreviation for "Baron of the Court of Exchequer."
  • B. F.
    An abbreviation for bonum factum, a good or proper act, deed, or decree; signifies "approved."
  • B. R.
    An abbreviation for Bancus Regis, (King's Bench,) or Bancus Regina, (Queen's Bench.) It is frequently found in the old books as a designation of that court. In more recent usage, the initial letters of the English names are ordinarily employed, i. e., K. B. or Q. B.
  • B. S.
    Bancus Superior, that is, upper bench.
    In old records. Commonalty or yeomanry, in contradistinction to baronage.
    The holder of the first or lowest degree conferred by a college or university, e. g., a bachelor of arts, bachelor of law, etc. A kind of inferior knight; an esquire. A man who has never been married.
  • BACK
    v. To indorse; to sign on the back; to sign generally by way of acceptance or approval. Where a warrant issued in one county is presented to a magistrate of another county and he signs it for the purpose of making it executory in his county, he is said to More...
  • BACK
    adv. To the rear; backward; in a reverse direction. Also, in arrear. -Back lands. A term of no very definite import, but generally signifying lands lying back from (not contiguous to) a highway or a watercourse. See Ryerss v. Wheeler, 22 Wend. (N. Y.) 150.-Back taxes. Those assessed for a More...
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