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  • D.
    The fourth letter of the English alphabet It is used as an abbreviation for a number of words, the more important and usual of which are as follows: "1. Digestum, or Digcsta, that is, the Digest or Pandects in the Justinian collections of the civil law. Citations to this work More...
  • D.
    In the Roman system of notation, this letter stands for five hundred; and, when a horizontal dash or stroke is placed above It, it denotes five thousand.
  • D. B. E.
    An abbreviation for de bene esse,(q. v.)
  • D. B. N.
    An abbreviation for de bonis non; descriptive of a species of administration.
  • D. C.
    An abbreviation standing either for "District Court," or "District of Columbia."
  • D. E. R. I. C.
    An abbreviation used for De ea re ita ccnsucrc, (concerning that matter have so decreed,) in recording the decrees of the Roman senate. Tayl. Civil Law, 564, 566.
  • D. J.
    An abbreviation for "District Judge."
  • D. P.
    An abbreviation for Domus Proce-rum, the house of lords.
  • D. S.
    An abbreviation for "Deputy Sheriff."
  • D. S. B.
    An abbreviation for debitum sine brevi,. or debit sans breve. Da ? ton dam tna sunt, post mortem tunc tma non sunt. 3 Bulst. 18. Give the things 'which are yours whilst they are yours; after death'they are not yours.
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