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Frequently Asked Questions!


Q.1     Why use


Ans. Clients can be introduced to lawyers in the field of expertise of their question.  Lawyers are able to market themselves to prospective clients.


Q.2    Are there any fees to asking a question or is the service free?


Ans. There are no fees to asking a question.  However, there is the option to upgrade your question  to the ‘Paid’ format.  ‘Paid’ questions are generally more likely to be answered by attorneys & also are confidential and not indexed on the public forum.


Q.3     I asked a question on the website but have not received a response from a lawyer?


Ans. Only lawyers answer questions on the platform.  If your question has not been answered it is most likely because a lawyer in your region has not yet responded to your question. does not guarantee that a question will be answered by attorney members.


Q.4      Am I obligating myself to anything by using the platform?


Ans. No. The website is generally, for the most part, a free service.  Lawyers & Clients may upgrade their interactive experience at their discretion.  Please read the ‘Terms of Service’ for further explanations.


Q.5      I am a lawyer or legal service provider that would like to advertise on the platform.  Is there an advertisement capability on the website  ?


Ans. Yes. allows anyone to advertise on the website via the ‘Advertise’ link in the main menu on the home page.  Lawyers may also submit advertisements through their dashboard.  Advertisements are subject to review by the Team and must meet banner size requirements and content review.


Q.6      I asked a question but lost my confidential pin.  Is there a way to reclaim a lost pin so that I can obtain the answer to my question?


Ans. Unfortunately there is no means to re-issue lost pin numbers.  Pins are privately issued upon question submission.  If you have lost your pin you will need to re-ask your question to obtain an answer.  

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