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  • T.
    As an abbreviation, this letter usually stands for either "Territory," "Trinity," "term," "tempore" (in the time of,) or "title." Every person who was convicted of felony, short of murder, and admitted to the benefit of clergy, was at one time marked with this letter upon the brawn of the thumb. More...
  • T. R. E.
    An abbreviation of "Tempore Regie Edwardi," (in the time of King Edward,) of common occurrence in Domesday, when the valuation of manors, as it was in the time of Edward the Confessor, is recounted. Cowell.
    A short gown; a herald's coat; a surcoat.
    One who wears a tabard or short gown; the name is still used as the title of certain bachelors of arts on the old foundation of Queen's College, Oxford. Enc. Lond.
    Lat In Roman law. A tablet Used in voting, and in giving the verdict of juries; and, when written upon, commonly translated "ballot" The laws which introduced and regulated the mode of voting by ballot were called "leges tabeUaria." Calvin.; 1 Kent Comm. 232, note,
    Lat. In Roman law. An officer corresponding in some respects to a notary. His business was to draw legal instruments, (contracts, wills, etc.,) and witness their execution. Calvin.
    In old records. A public Inn, or house of entertainment Cowell.
    Lat In tne civil law. A shop-keeper. Dig. 14, 3, 5, 7. In old English law. A taverner or tavern-keeper. Fleta, lib. 2, c. 12, | 17.
    In medical jurisprudence. This is another name for locomotor ataxia. Tabetic dementia is a form of mental derangement or insanity complicated with tabes dorsalis, which generally precedes, or sometimes follows, the mental attack.
    A synopsis or condensed statement bringing together numerous items or details so as to be comprehended in a single view; as genealogical tables, exhibiting the names and relationships of all the persona composing a family; life and annuity tables, used by actuaries; interest tables, etc. -Table de Marbre. Fr. In More...
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