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    An injury; a tort; a violation of right or of law. The idea of rights naturally suggests tbe cor-relative one of wrongs; for every right is ca-pable of being violated. A right to receive payment for goods sold (for example) implies a wrong on the part of him who owes, More...
    One who commits an injury; a tort-feasor.
    In the language of pleading, this phrase is appropriate to be used in alleging the malicious motive of the defendant in committing the injury which forms the cause of action.
    In Scotch law. Wrongful; unlawful; as wrongous imprisonment Ersk. Prin. 4, 4, 25.
    In Saxon law. Worthy; competent; capable. Mheewurthe, worthy of oath; admissible or competent to be sworn. Spelman.
  • WYTE
    In old English law. Acquittance or immunity from amercement.
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