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    In Scotch law. The revival of an action. A process by which an action that has lain over and not been insisted in for a year and a day, and thus technically said to have "fallen asleep," is wakened, or put in motion again. 1 Forb. Inst, pt. 4, p. More...
    In old Lombardlc law. The disguising the head or face, with the intent of committing a theft.
    In old English law. A Welshman.
    The being a Welsh¬man. Spelman.
    In Saxon law. A servant or any ministerial officer. Cowell.
    Foresters who have the care of a certain space of ground assigned to them. Cowell.
    The renunciation, repudiation, abandonment, or surrender of some claim, right, privilege, or of the opportunity to take advantage of some defect, irregularity, or wrong. The passing by of an occasion to enforce a legal right, whereby the right to enforce the same is lost; a common instance of this is More...
  • WALL
    An erection of stone, brick, or other material, raised to some height, and in¬tended for purposes of security or inclosure. In law, this term occurs in such compounds as "ancient wall," "party-wall," "division* wall," etc. —Common wall. A party wall; one which has been built at the common expense of More...
    In old English law. A wall; a sea-wall; a mound, bank, or wall erected in marshy districts as a protection against the sea.
    Beads made of shells, used as money by the North American Indians, and which continued current in New York as late as 1693.
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