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  • C.
    The initial letter of the word "Codex," used by some writers in citing the Code of Justinian. Tayl. Civil Law, 24. It was also the letter inscribed on the ballets by which, among the Romans, jurors voted to condemn an accused party. It was the initial letter of condemno, I More...
  • C.—CT.—CTS.
    These abbreviations stand for "cent" or "cents," and any of them, placed at the top or head of a column, of figures, sufficiently Indicates the denomination of the figures below. Jackson v. Cummings, 15 111. 453; Hunt v. Smith, 9 Kan. 137; Linck v. Litchfield, 141 111. 4C9, 31 N. More...
  • C. A. V.
    An abbreviation for curia ad-visari vult, the court will be advised, will consider, will deliberate.
  • C. B.
    In reports and legal documents, an abbreviation for common bench. Also an abbreviation for chief baron.
  • C. C.
    Various terms or phrases may*be denoted by this abbreviation; such as circuit court, (or city or county court;) criminal cases, (or crown or civil or chancery cases;) civil code; chief commissioner; and the return of cepi corpus.
  • C. C. P.
    An abbreviation for Code of Civil Procedure; also for court of common pleas.
  • C. J.
    An abbreviation for chief justice; also for circuit judge.
  • C. L.
    An abbreviation for civil law.
  • C. L. P.
    Common law procedure, in reference to the English acts so entitled.
  • C. O. D.
    "Collect on delivery." These letters are not cabalistic, but have a determinate meaning. They import the carrier's liability to return to the consignor either the goods or the charges. U. S. Exp. Co. v. Keef-er. 59 Ind. 267; Fleming v. Com., 130 Pa. 138, 18 Atl. 622; Express Co. v. More...
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