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  • K. B.
    An abbreviation for "King's Bench," (g. v.)
  • K. C.
    An abbreviation for "King's Counsel."
    A person who, in oriental states, supplies the place of our notary public. All obligations, to be valid, are drawn by him; and he is also the public weigh-inaster, and everything of consequence ought to be weighed before him. Enc. Lond.
    In Hindu law. A written agreement, especially one signifying assent, as the counterpart of a revenue lease, or the document in which a payer of revenue, whether to the government, the zamindar, or the farmer, expresses his consent to pay the amount assessed upon his land. Wils. Ind. Gloss.
  • KAIA
    A key, kay, or quay. Spelman.
    A wharfage-due. "
  • KAIN
    In Scotch law. Poultry render-able by a vassal to his superior, reserved In the lease as the whole or a part of the rent. Bell.
    A duty paid by shopkeepers In Hindostan, who retail spirituous liquors; also the place where spirituous liquors are sold. Wharton.
    In English ecclesiastical law. Rural chapters, or conventions of the rural deans and parochial clergy, which were formerly held on the calends of every month; hence the name, vparoch. Antiq. 604.
    An account of time, exhibiting the days of the week and month, the seasons, etc. More commonly spelled "calendar."
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