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  • H.
    This letter, as an abbreviation, stands for Henry (a king of that name) In the citation of English statutes. In the Year Books, it is used as an abbreviation for Hilary term. In tax assessments and other such official records, "h" may be used as an abbreviation for "house," and More...
  • H. A.
    An abbreviation for hoo anno, this year, in this year.
  • H. B.
    An abbreviation for house bill, i. e. a bill in the house of representatives, as distinguished from a senate bill.
  • H. C.
    An abbreviation for house of commons, or for habeas corpus.
  • H. L.
    An abbreviation for house of lords.
  • H. R.
    An abbreviation for house of representatives.
  • H. T.
    An abbreviation for hoo titulo, this title, under this title; used in references to books.
  • H. V.
    An abbreviation for hoc verbo or hoc voce, this word, under this word; used in references to dictionaries and other works alphabetically arranged.
    Lat. A form of the salutatory expression "Ave" (hail,) in the titles of the constitutions of the Theodoslan and Justinianean Codes. Calvin; Spelman.
    A writ commanding the sheriff to bring up the persons of jurors, and, if need were, to distrain them of their lands and goods, in order to insure or compel their attendance in court on the day of trial of a cause. It issued from the Common Pleas, and served More...
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