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    In old records, assertion and denial, without oath.
    A light sea-going vessel, used only for pleasure trips, racing, etc. Webster. See 22 St. at Large, 566 (U. S. Comp. St 1901, p. 2845); Rev. St U. S. ff 4215-4218 (U. S, Comp. St 1901, p. 2847).
  • YARD
    A measure of length, containing three feet or thirty-six inches. A piece of land inclosed for the use and accommodation of the inhabitants of a house.
    or virgata terra is a quantity of land, said by some to be twenty acres, but by Coke to be of uncertain extent.
    Yes and no. According to a charter of Athelstan, the people of Itipon were to be believed in all actions or suits upon their yea and nay, without the necessity of taking any oath. Brown.
  • YEAR
    The period in which the revolution of the earth round the sun, and the accompanying changes in the order of nature, are completed. Generally, when a statute speaks of a year, twelve calendar, and not lunar, months are intended. Cro. Jac. 166. The year is either astronomical, ecclesiastical, or regnal, More...
    The affirmative and negative votes on a bill or measure before a legislative assembly. "Calling the yeas and nays" Is calling for the individual and oral vote of each member, usually upon a call of the roll.
    (1) In English law. A commoner ; a freeholder under the rauk of gentleman. CowelL A man who has free land of forty shillings by the year; who was an¬ciently thereby qualified to serve on juries, vote for knights of the shire, and do any other act, Where the law More...
    Given; dated. Cowell.
    In the law of real property, is to perform a service due by a tenant to his lord. Hence the usual form of reservation of a rent in a lease begins with the words "yield¬ing and paving." Sweet.
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