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    In old English law. A dam or open wear in a river, with a loop or narrow cut in it, accommodated for the laying of engines to catch fish. 2 Inst. 88; Blount
    The forcible abduction or stealing away of a man, woman, or child from their own country, and sending them into another. It is an offense punishable at the common law by fine and imprisonment. 4 Bl. Comm. 219. In American law, this word is seldom, if at all, applied to More...
    A measure of eighteen gallons.
    An ancient servile payment made by tenants In husbandry. Cowell.
  • KILL
    v. To deprive of life; to destroy the life of an animal. The word "homicide" expresses the killing of a human being. See The Gcean Spray, 18 Fed. Cas. 559; Carroll v. White, 33 Barb. (N. Y.) 620; Porter v. Hughey, 2 Bibb (Ky.) 232; Com. v. Clarke, 162 Mass. More...
  • KILL
    n. A Dutch word, signifying a channel or bed of the river, and hence the river or stream Itself. It is found used in this sense, in descriptions of land in old conveyances. French v. Carhart, 1 N.' Y. 96.
    A custom by which lords of manors were bound to provide a stallion for the use of their tenants' mares. Spelman.
  • KIN
    Relation or relationship by blood or consanguinity. "The nearness of KIN is computed according to the civil law." 2 Kent, Comm. 413. See Keniston v. Mayhew, 169 Mass. 166, 47 N. E. 612 ; Hibbard v. Gdell, 16 Wis. 635; Lusby v. Cobb,. 80 Miss. 715, 32 South, a As More...
  • KIND
    Genus; generic class; description. See IN KIND. -
    Relatives by blood. "Kindred of the whole blood, preferred to kindred of the half blood." 4 Kent Comm. 404, notes. See Butler v. Elyton Land Co., 84 Ala. 384, 4 South. 675; Farr v. Flood, 11 Cush. (Mass.) 25; Brookfield v. Allen, 6 Allen (Mass.) 586; Wetter v. Walker, 62 More...
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