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    A customary cart-way; also a commutation for a customary carriage-duty. Cowell.
    Fortified or embattled. Co. Litt 5o.
    In English law. Idlers; vagabonds.
  • KEY
    A wharf for the lading and unlading of merchandise from vessels. More common iy spelled "quay." An Instrument for fastening and opening a lock. This appears as an English word as early as the time of Bracton, in the phrase "cone et keye" being applied to women at a certain More...
    A toll paid for loading and unloading merchandise at a key or wharf. Rowan v. Portland, 8 B. Mon.
  • KEYS
    in the Isle of Man, are the twenty-four chief commoners, who form the local legislature. 1 Steph. Comm. 09. In old English law. A guardian, warden, or keeper.
    In old Scotch law. Certain officers of courts. See CLAVES CURIAS.
    A guardian, warden, or keeper. Mon. AngL torn. 2, p. 71.
    In Hindu law. An office of government in which the business of the revenue department was -transacted under the Mohammedan government, and during the early period of British rule. Khalsa lands are lands, the revenue of which is paid into the exchequer. Wharton.
    In English law. An engrosser of corn to enhance its price. Also a huckster.
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