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    The principal herald of England was of old designated "king of the heralds," a title which seems to have been exchanged for "king-at-arms" about the reign of Henry IV. The kings-at-arms at present existing in England are three,-Garter, Clarenceux, and Norroy, besides Lath, who is not a member of the More...
    A hundred pounds in weight. See QUINTAL.
    A ship's ballast See KENTLAGE.
    In old English law. The space of time between the 3d of May and the Epiphany, in which fishing for salmon in the Thames, between Gravesend and Henley-on-Thames, was forbidden. Rot Pari. 50 Edw. III.-
    In English law. An ancient record remaining with the remembrancer of the exchequer, being an inquisition or survey of all the lands in England; taken in the reign of Edward I. by John de Kirby, his treasurer. Blount; CowelL
  • KIRK
    In Scotch law. .A church; the church; the established church of Scotland. -Kirk-mate. A meeting of parishioners on church affaire.-Kirk-officer. The beadle of a church in Scotland.-Kirk-session. A parochial church court in Scotland, consisting of the ministers and elders of each parish.
    The ceremony of touching the lips to a copy of the Bible, used In administering oaths. It is the external symbol of the witness' acknowledgment of the obligation of the oath.
  • KIST
    In Hindu law. A stated payment; installment of rent.
    In medical jurisprudence. A form (or symptom) of mania, consisting In an irresistible propensity to steal. See INSANITY.
    A rascal; a false, tricky, or deceitful'person. The word originally meant a boy, attendant, or servant, but long-continued usage has given it its present signification.
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