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    The difference between "knowledge" and "belief" is nothing more than in the degree of certainty. With regard to things which make not a very deep impression on the memory, it may be called "belief." "Knowledge" is nothing more than a man's firm belief. The difference is ordinarily merely in the More...
    A title formerly given to the Lollards. Cowell.
    The Mohammedan book of faith. It contains both ecclesiastical and secular laws.
    In Hindu law. A mortgage-deed or deed of conditional sale, being one of the customary deeds or instruments of security in India as declared by regulation of 1806, which regulates the legal proceedings to be taken to enforce such a security. It is also called ?ByebQ-Wu1fa:y Wharton.
    A Welsh term for a waster, rhymer, minstrel, or other vagabond who makes assemblies and collections. Barring. Ob. St 860.
  • KYTH
    Sax. Kin or kindred.
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