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    This word is applied, in England, to vessels employed In the carriage of coals. Jacob.
  • KEEP
    n. A strong tower or hold In the middle of any castle or fortification, wherein the besieged make their last efforts of defense, was formerly, In England, called a "keep;" and the inner pile within the castle of Dover, erected by King Henry II. about the year 1153, was termed More...
  • KEEP
    v. 1. To retain In one's power.or possession; not to lose or part with; to preserve or retalu. Benson v. New York, 10 Barb. (N. Y.) 235; Deans v. Gay, 132 N. C. 227, 43 S. E. 643. 2. To maintain, carry on, conduct, or manage; as, to "keep" a More...
    A custodian, manager, or superintendent; one who has the care, custody, or management of any thing or place. Schultz v. State, 32 Ghlo St. 281; State v. Rosum, 8 N. D. 548, 80 N. W. 481; Fishell v. Morris, 57 Conn. 547, 18 Atl. 717, 6 L. R. A. 82; More...
    An edict or award between Henry III. and those who had been in arms against him; so called because made at Kenilworth Castle, in Warwickshire, anno 51 Hen. III., A. D. 1266. It contained a composition of those who had forfeited their estates in that rebellion, which composition was five More...
    In Scotch law. The act of the sheriff in ascertaining the just proportion of the husband's lands which belong to the widow in right of her terce or dower. Bell.
    In maritime law. A permanent ballast, consisting usually of pigs of iron, cast in a particular form, or other weighty material, which, on account of its superior cleanliness, and the small space occupied by it, is frequently preferred to ordinary ballast Abb. Shipp. 5.
    The division of a county; a hundred in Wales. See CANTBBD. '
    A series of resolutions drawn up by Jefferson, and adopted by the legislature of Kentucky in 1799, protesting against the "alien and sedition laws," declaring their Illegality, announcing the strict constructionist theory of the federal government, and declaring "nullification" to be "the rightful remedy."
  • KERF
    The jagged end of a stick of wood made by the cutting. Pub. St Mass. 1882, p. 1292.
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