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    In the civil law. A calendar; a book of accounts, memorandum-book, or debt-book; a book In which accounts were kept of moneys loaned out on Interest. Dig. 32, 64. So called because the Romans used to let out their money and receive the interest on the calends of each month. More...
    See CALENDS.
  • KARL
    In Saxon and old English law A man; a serving man. Bunkarh a seaman. Buskarl, a house servant. Spelman.
    In old records. A cart-load. Cowell; Blount
  • KAST
    In Swedish law. Jettison; a literal translation of the Latin "factus." -Rast-geld. Contribution for a jettison; average.
  • KAY
    A quay, or key.
  • KAZY
    A Mohammedan judge or magistrate in the East Indies, appointed originally by the court at Delhi, to administer Justice according to their written law. Under the British authorities their judicial functions ceased, and their duties were confined to the preparation and attestation of deeds, and the superintendence and legalization of More...
    The right to demand money for the privilege of anchoring a vessel in a harbor; also the money so paid.
    To drag a person under the keel of a ship by means of ropes from the yard-arms, a punishment formerly practiced in the British navy. Enc. Lond.
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