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    In old English law. An umpire, or arbitrator. Saepe oonstltntnm est, res Inter alios Judicata aliis non prsejudicare. It has often been settled that matters adjudged between others ought not to prejudice those who were not parties. Dig. 42, 1, 63. o' 8"pe viatorem nova, non veins, orbita fallit. 4 More...
    Lat. In the law of divorcer. Cruelty; anything whichs tends to bodily harm, and in that manner renders cohabitation unsafe. 1 Hagg. Const 458.
    A guaranty or security granted by the king under the great seal to a stranger, for his safe coming into and passing out of the kingdom. Cowell. One of the papers usually carried by vessels In time of war, and necessary to the safety of neutral merchantmen. It is in More...
    A surety given that a man shall appear upon a certain day. Bract L 4, c. 1.
    In old English law. A special privilege or license, in the form of a writ, under the great seal, granted to strangers seeking their right by course of law within the king's dominions, and apprehending violence or injury to their persons or property from others. Reg. Orig. 26
    A tale-teller; a secret accuser.
    L. Fr. Sages of the law; persons learned in the law. A term applied to the chancellor and justices of the king's bench.
    In old European law. A judge or justice; literally, a man of causes, or having charge or supervision of causes. One who administered justice and decided causes in the maUum, or public assembly. Spelman.
  • SAID
    Before mentioned This word is constantly used in contracts, pleadings, and other legal papers, with the same force as "aforesaid." See Shattuck v. Balcom, 170 Mass. 245, 49 N. E. 87; Cubine v. State, 44 Tex. Cr. R. 596, 73 S. W. 396; Hinrichsen v. Hinrichsen, 172 111. 462, 50 More...
    In old European law. A German coin of tbe value of a penny, or of three "pence".
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