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    Lat. In the civil law. An allowance of provisions. A stipend, wages, or compensation for services. An annual allowance or compensation. Calvin.
    A recompense or consideration made to a person for bis pains and industry in another person's business; also wages, stipend, or annual allowance. Cowell. A fixed periodical compensation to be paid for services rendered; a stated compensation, amounting to so much by the year, month, or other fixed period, to More...
  • SALE
    A 'contract between two parties, called, respectively, the "seller" (or vendor) and the "buyer," (or purchaser,) by which the former, in consideration of the payment or promise of payment of a certain price in money, transfers to the latter the title and the possession of an object of property. See More...
    In old English law. A headpiece; a steel cap or morion. Cowell.
    An Inferior and local court of record having jurisdiction in personal actions where the debt or damage sought to be recovered does not exceed ?50, if the cause of action arise within the hundred of Sal-ford. St 31 & 32 Vict. c. 130; 2 Exch. Dir. 346. "Saloon" has not More...
    This expression has a definite meaning, namely, a retailer of cigars, liquors, etc Cahill r. Campbell, 105 Mass. 40. k
    A custom In the city, of London called "granage," formerly payable to the lord mayor, etc., for salt brought to the port of London, being the twentieth part Wharton..
    One penny paid at the feast day of St Martin, by the tenants of some manors, as a commutation for the service of carrying their lord's salt from market to his larder. Paroch. Antiq. 496.
    Lat Health; prosperity; safety. Sains popnli suprema lex. The welfare of the people is the supreme law. Bac Max. reg. 12; Broom, Max. 1-10; Montesq. Esprit des Lois, lib. 26, c. 23; 13 Coke, 139. Sains reipubliees suprema lex. The welfare of the state Is the supreme law. Inhabitants of More...
    A gold coin stamped by Henry V. in France, after his conquests there, whereon the arms of England rind France were stamped quarterly. Cowell.
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