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    To cut short, or pronounce things so as not to be understood. Cowell.
    In the civil law. An advocate or patron; a burgess or recorder; an agent or attorney who acts for a corporation or university; an actor or procurator; an assignee. Wharton. See Minnesota L. & T. Co. v. Beebe, 40 Minn. 7, 41 N. W. 232, 2 L. R. A. 418; More...
    A university committee; A combination of persons or firms united for the purpose of enterprises too large for individuals to undertake; or a group of financiers who buy up the shares of a company in order to sell them at a profit by creating a scarcity. Mozley A Whitley.
    One chosen by a college, municipality, etc., to defend its cause, Calvin.
    The name given by the canonists to deeds of which both partB were written on the same piece of parchment with some word or letters of tbe alphabet written between them, through which the parchment was cut in such a manner as to leave half the word on one part More...
    A meeting or assembly of ecclesiastical persons, concerning religion; being the same thing, in Greek, as convocation in Latin. There are four kinds: (1) A general or universal synod or council, where 'bishops of all nations meet; (2) a national synod of the clergy of one nation only; (3) a More...
    A tribute or payment in money paid to the bishop or archdeacon by the Inferior clergy, at the Easter visitation.
    L. Lat. Synods-men (corrupted into sidesmen) were the urban and rural deans, now the church-wardens
    In medical jurisprudence. A loathsome venereal disease (vulgarly called "the pox") of peculiar virulence, infectious by direct contact capable of hereditary transmission, and the fruitful source of various other diseases and, directly or indirectly, of Insanity.
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