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    In maritime law. The name of an ancient officer, whose business was to load and unload vessels laden with salt, corn, or fish, to prevent the ship's crew defrauding the merchant by false tale, or cheating him of his merchandise otherwise. Laws Oleron, art 11; 1 Pet Adm. Append. 25
    Lat In Roman law. The right to participate in the sacred rites of the city. Butl. Hor. Jur. 27.
    L. Lat In feudal law. Compurgators; persons who came to purge a defendant by their oath that they believed him innocent
    Lat. In the older practice of the Roman law, this was one of the forms of legis actio, consisting in the deposit of a stake or juridical wager. See SACRAMENTUM.
    Lat. In Roman law. An oath, as being a very sacred thing; more particularly, the oath taken by soldiers to be true to their general and their country Ainsw. Lex. In one of the formal methods of beginning an action at law (legis actiones) known to the early Roman jurisprudence, More...
    In English criminal law. Larceny from a church. 4 Steph. Comm. 164. The crime of breaking a church or chapel, and stealing therein. 1 Russ. Crimes, 84a. In old English law. The desecration of anything considered holy; the alienation to lay-men or to profane or common purposes of what was More...
    Lat. In the civil law. The stealing of sacred things, or things dedicated to sacred uses; the taking of things out of a holy place. Calvin.
    Lat. In the civil and common law. A sacrilegious person; one guilty of sacrilege. Saerilegns omnium pradonnm enpl-ditatem et soelera snperat. 4 Coke, 106. A sacrilegious person transcends the cupidity and wickedness of all other robbers.
    A sexton, anciently called "aagerson," or "sagtoon;" the keeper of things belonging to divine worship.
    A denomination of part of the county palatine of Durham. Wharton.
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