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    The confirmation of a previous act done either by the party himself or by another; confirmation of a voidable act See Story, Ag. 250, 251; 2 Kent "Comm. 237; Norton v. Shelby County,
    Lat. Confirmation, "agreement, consent, approbation of a contract Saltmarsh v. Candia, 51 N. H. 76
    Rate; proportion; degree. Reason, or understanding. Also a cause, or giving judgment therein. -Ratio decidendi. The ground of decision. The point in a case which determines the judgment.-Ratio legis. The reason or occasion of a law; the occasion of making a law. Bl. Law Tracts, 3. Ratio est formalis eansa More...
    A Latin phrase equivalent to "alimony."
    A writ that lay for the wife against the executors of her husband, to have the third part of his goods after his just debts and funeral expenses had been paid. Fitzh. Nat Brev. 122.
    Lat This term describes a species of property in wild animals, which consists in the right which, by a peculiar franchise anciently granted bj the English crown, by virtue of its prerogative, one man may have of killing and taking such animals on the land of another. 100 E. C. More...
    Lat. On account of the soil; with reference to the soil. Said to be the ground of ownership in bees. 2 BL Comm. 393.
    L. Lat. By reason of tenure; as a consequence of tenure. 3 Bl. Comm. 230.
    In old law. The pleadings in a suit Rations* exercere, or ad rationem stare, to plead.
    is where the members of a trade union cause the tools, clothes, or other property of a workman to be taken away or hidden, in order to compel him to join the union or cease working. It is, in England, an offense punishable by fine or imprisonment. 38 A 39 More...
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