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    In the civil law. A servitude annexed to a rural, estate, (prcedium rusticum.)
    Fr. A trick in war; a stratagem.
    Lat. In Feudal Law. Natives of a conquered country. In old English law. Inferior country tenants, churls, or chorls, who held cottages and lands by the services of plowing, and other labors of agriculture, for the lord. Cowell.
    Lat. A rude, unlearned, or unlettered tribunal; a term sometimes applied to arbitrators selected by the parties to settle a dispute. See Underbill v. Van Cortlandt, 2 Johns. Ch. (N. Y.) 339; Dickinson v. Chesapeake ft O. R. Co., 7 W. Va. 429.
    Lat. In mart-time law. A rough or rude judgment or decision. A judgment in admiralty dividing the damages caused by a collision between 2 ships.
  • RUTA
    Lat In the chil law. Things extracted from land; aa sand, chalk, coal, and such other matters. -Rata et caesa. In the civil law. Things dug, (as sand and lime,) and things cut (as wood, coal, etc.) Dig. 19, 1, 17, 6. Words used bl conveyancing.
  • RYOT
    In India. A peasant, subject, or tenant of house or land. Wharton. -Ryot-tenure. A system of land-tenure, where the government takes the place of landowners and collects the rent by means of tax gatherers. The farming is done by poor peasants, (ryots,) who find the capital, so far as there More...
    Of or pertaining to or proceeding from the king or, sovereign in a monarchical government of Royal aseanf. The royal assent is the last form through which a bill goes previously to becoming an act of parliament It is, in the words of Lord Hale, "the complement and perfection of More...
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