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    To create. A use may be raised; i. e., a use may be created. Also to infer; to create or bring to light by construction or interpretation. -Raise a presumption. To give occasion or ground for a' presumption; to be of such a character, or to be attended with such More...
  • RAN
    Sax. In Saxon and old English law. Open theft, or robbery.
    Sp. A small collection of men or their dwellings; a hamlet. As used, however, in Mexico and in the Spanish Taw formerly prevailing in California, the term signifies a ranch or large tract of land suitable for grazing purposes where horses or cattle are raised, and is distinguished from hacienda, More...
    In the government survey of the United States, this term is used to denote one of the divisions of a state, and designates a row or tier of townships as they appear on the map.
    In forest law. A sworn of fleer of the forest, whose office chiefly consists in three points: To walk daily through his charge to see, hear, and inquire as well of trespasses as trespassers in his bailiwick: to drive the beasts of the forest, both of venery and chace, out More...
  • RANK
    n. The order or place in which certain officers are placed in the army and navy, in relation to others. Wood v. U. S.f 15 Ct. CI. 158.
  • RANK
    adj. In English law. Excessive ; too large in amount; as a rank modus, 2 BL Comm. 30.
    Is the Scotch term for the arrangement of the property of a debtor according to the claims of the creditors, in consequence of the nature of their respective securities. Bell. The corresponding process in England is the marshalling of securities in a suit or action for redemption or foreclosure. Paterson.
    In international law. The redemption of captured property from the hands of an enemy, particularly of property captured at sea. 1 Kent, Comm. 104. A sum paid or agreed to be paid for the redemption of captured property. 1 Kent, Comm. 105. A "ransom," strictly speaking, is not a recapture More...
  • RAPE
    In criminal law. The unlawful carnal knowledge of a woman by a man forcibly and against her will. Code Ga. f 4349; Gore v. State, 119 Ga. 418, 46 S. E. 671, 100 Am. St. Rep. 182; Maxey v. State, 66 Ark. 523, 52 S. W. 2; Croghan v. State, More...
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