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    In criminal practice. A material word in indictments for rape. Whart. Crim. Law, $ 401.
    In criminal law. An unlawful taking of a woman, or of an heir in ward. Rape. -Ravishment de gard. IA Fr. An abolished writ which lay for a guardian by knight's service or in socage, against a person who took from him the body of his ward. Fitzh. Nat Brev. More...
  • RAZE
    To erase. 8 How. State Tr. 156,
    In Spanish law. Cause, (causa.) Las Partidas, pt 4, tit 4, 1. 2.
  • RE
    Lat In the matter of; in the case Of. A term of frequent use in designating judicial proceedings, in which there is only one party. Thus, "Re Vivian" signifles "In the matter of Vivian," or in "Vivian's Case."
  • RE. FA. LO.
    The abbreviation of "re-cordari facias loquelam" (q. v.) Re, verbis, seripto, consensu, tradi-tione, jnnetnra vestes snmere pacta solent. Compacts usually take their clothing from the thing itself, from words, from writing, from consent, from delivery. Plowd. 161.
    In the middle temple, those persons were so called who were appointed to deliver lectures or "readings" at certain periods during term. The clerks in holy orders who read prayers and assist in the performance of divine service in the chapels of the several inns of court are also so More...
    In English ecclesiastical law. The title of a person admitted to a rectory or other benefice will be divested unless within two months after actual possession he publicly read in the church of the benefice, upon some Lord's day, and at the appointed times, the morning and evening service, according More...
    Where a deafforest-ed forest is again made a forest 20 Car. II. c. 3.
  • REAL
    In common law. Relating to land, as distinguished from personal property. This term is applied to lands, tenements, and hereditaments. In tbe civil law. Relating to a thing, (whether movable or immovable,) as distinguished from a person. o-Real bnrden. In Scotch law. Where a right to lands is expressly granted More...
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