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  • LA
    Fr. There. An adverb of time and place; whereas.
    The star-chamber. La conscience est la pins change ante dos regies. Conscience is the most changeable of rules. Bouv. Diet. La lay favour la Tie d'un home. The law favors the life of a man. Yearb. M. 10 Hen. VI. 51. La ley favonr l'enheritanee d'un home. The law favors More...
  • LAAS
    In old records. A net, gin, or snare.
    Anything appended to a larger writing, as a codicil; a narrow slip of paper or parchment affixed to a deed or writ, in order to hold the appending seal. In the vernacular, the word denotes a printed or written slip of paper affixed to a manufactured article, giving information as More...
    In old records. Watery land.
    1. Work; toil; service. Continued exertion, of the more onerous and inferior kind, usually and chiefly consisting in the protracted expenditure of muscular force, adapted to the accomplishment of specific useful ends. It is used in this sense in several legal phrases, such as "a count for work and labor," More...
    In old practice. To tamper with a jury: to endeavor to Influence them in their verdict, or their verdict generally.
    An ancient writ against persons who refused to serve and do labor, and who had no means of living; or against such as, having served in the winter, refused to serve in the summer. Reg. Orig. 189.
    One who, as a means of livelihood, performs work and labor for those who employ him. Oliver v. Macon Hardware Co., 98 Ga. 249, 25 S. E. 403, 58 Am. St. Rep. 300; Blanchard v. Railway Co., 87 Me. 241, 32 Atl. 890; In re Ho King (D. C.) 14 More...
  • LAC, LAX
    In Indian computation, 100,000. The value of a lac of rupees is about ?10,000 sterling. Wharton.
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