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  • LACE
    A measure of land equal to one pole. This term is widely used in Cornwall.
    In old English law. A fathom. Co. Litt 4b.
    Negligence, consisting in the omission of something which a party might do, and might reasonably be expected to do, towards the vindication or enforcement of his rights. The word is generally the synonym of "remissness," "dilatorlness," "unreasonable or unexcused delay," the opposite of "vigilance," and means a want of activity More...
    L. Lat In old English law. Defect in the weight of money; lack of weight. This word and the verb "lactarc" are used in an assise or statute of the sixth year of King John. Spelinan.
    In old records. A ditch or dyke; a furrow for a drain; a gap or blank in writing.
    In. the eivil law. A lake; a receptacle of water which is never dry. Dig. 43, 14, 1, 3. In. old English law. Allay or alloy of silver with base metal. Fleta, lib. 1, c. 22, I 6.
  • LADA
    In Saxon law. A purgation, or mode of trial by which one purged himself of an accusation; as by oath or ordeal. Spelman. A water-course; a trench or canal for draining marshy grounds. In old English, a lade or load. Spelman. In old English law. A court of justice; a More...
    The mouth of a river.
    A term of maritime law, applied to a vessel which is freights ed with a cargo which Is neither in casks, boxes, bales, nor cases, but lies loose in the hold, being defended from wet or 'moisture by a number of mrfts and a quantity of dunnage. Cargoes of corn, More...
    See BILL.
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