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    A term descriptive of the action of unofficial persons, organized bands, or mobs, who seize persons charged with or suspected of crimes, or take them out of the custody of the law, and inflict summary punishment upon them, without legal trial, and without the warrant or authority of law. See More...
    This statute (5 A 0 Wm. IV. c. 54) renders marriages within the prohibited degrees absolutely null and void. Theretofore such marriages were voidable merely.
    In Scotch law. The ancient duty of this officer was to carry public messages to foreign states, and it Is still the practice of the heralds to make all royal proclamations at the Cross of Edinburgh. The officers serving under him are heralds, pursuivants, and messengers. Belt
    In old Roman law. A name given to students of the civil law in the fourth year of their course, from their being supposed capable of solving any difficulty in law. Tayl.. Civil Law, 39.
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