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    Evil repute; notorious bad character. Houses of prostitution, gaming houses, and other such disorderly places are called "houses of ill fame," and a person who frequents them Is a person of ill fama See Boles v. State, 46 Ala. 206.
    Lat Things brought into the house for use by the tenant were so called, and were liable to the jus hypotheca of Roman law, just as they are to the landlord's right of distress at common law.
    Not authorized by law; Illicit; unlawful; contrary to law. Sometimes this term means merely that which lacks authority of or support from law; but more frequently it imports a violation. Etymological ly, the word seems to convey the negative meaning only. But in ordinary use it has a severer, stronger More...
    The condition before the law, or the social status, of a bastard; the state or condition of one whose parents were not Intermarried at the time of bis birth. Miller v. Miller, 18 Hun (N. Y.) 509; Brown v. Belmarde, 8 Kan. 52.
    That which is contrary to law; it Is usually applied to bastards, or children born out of lawful wedlock. The Louisiana Code divided illegitimate children into two classes: (1) Those born from two persons who, at the moment when such children were conceived, could have lawfully intermarried; and (2) those More...
    Not leviable; that cannot or ought not to be levied. Cowell.
    In old English law. Without license. Fleta, lib. 3, c 6, | 12.
    Not permitted or allowed; prohibited; unlawful; as an illicit trade; 0- hcit intercourse. State v. Miller, 60 Vt 90, 12 Ati. 526. -Illicit connection. Unlawful sexual intercourse. State v. King. 9 S. D. 628, 70 N. W. 1046.-Illicit cohabitation. The living together as man and wife of two persons who More...
    Lat. Unlawfully. This word has a technical meaning, and is requisite in an indictment where the act charged is un* lawful; as in the case of a riot 2 Hawk. P. C c 25, | 96.
    Lat An illegal corporation.
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