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  • ITER
    Lat. In tbe civil law. A way; a right of way belonging as a servitude to an estate in the country, (prcedium rusticum.) The right of way was of three kinds: (1) iter, a right to walk, or ride on horseback, or in a litter; (2) actus, a right to More...
    Lat. Repetition. In the Roman law, a bonitary owner might liberate a slave, and the quiritary owner's repetition (iteratio) of the process effected a complete manumission. Brown.
    Eyres, or circuits. 1 Reeve, Eng. Law, 52.
    Wandering; traveling; applied to justices who make circuits. Also applied in various statutory and municipal laws (in the sense of traveling from place to place) to certain classes of merchants, traders, and salesmen. See Shiff v. State, 84 Ala. 454, 4 South. 419; Twining v. Elgin, 38 111. App. 857; More...
  • IULE
    In Old English law. Christmas.
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