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    In old English law. A guardian, defender, or protector. In feudal law, gardio. Spelman. A warden. Oardianus ecclesice, a churchwarden. Oardianus quinque portuum, warden of the Cinque Ports. Spelman.
    In old English law. A garden. Reg. Orig. lb; 2.
    L. Fr. A warren; a privileged place for keeping animals.
    In old English law. Victuals, arms, and other implements of war, necessary for the defense of a town or castle. Mat. Par. 1250.
    n. In English law. Money paid by a prisoner to his fellow-prisoners on his entrance into prison.
    v. To warn or summon. To issue process of garnishment against a person.
    One garnished; a person against whom process of garnishment is issued; one who has money or property in his possession belonging to a defendant, or who owes the defendant a debt, which money, property, or debt is attached in his hands, with notice to him not to deliver or pay More...
    In the process of attachment. A warning to a person in whose hands the effects of another are attached not to pay the money or deliver the property of the defendant in his hands to him, but to appear and answer the plaintiffs suit. Drake. Attachm. s 451; National Bank More...
    In old English law. Garniture; whatever is necessary for the fortification of a city or camp, or for the ornament of a thing. 8 Rymer, 328; Du Cange; Cowell; Blount.
    A method of Inflicting the death penalty on convicted criminals practised in Spain, Portugal, and some Spanish-American countries, consisting in strangulation by means of an iron collar which is mechanically tightened about the neck of the sufferer, sometimes with the variation that a sharpened screw is made to advance from More...
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