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    In Spanish law. A species of community in property enjoyed by husband and wife, the property being divisible between them equally on a dissolution of the marriage. 1 Burge, Confl. Law, 418. See Cartwright v. Cartwright, 18 Tex. 634; Cutter v. Waddingham, 22 Mo. 254.
    In Spanish law. Gains or profits resulting from the employment of property held by husband and wife in common. White, New Recop. b. 1, tit. 7, c. 5.
    The time when the bounds of the parish are lustrated or gone -over by the parish officers,-rogation week. Enc. Lond.
    Officers in ancient times whose business it was to examine weights and measures. Skene.
    (pronounced "gauntlett") A military punishment, in which the criminal running between the ranks receives a lash from each man. Enc. Lond. This was called "running the gauntlett."
  • GAOL
    A prison for temporary confinement; a jail; a place for the confinement of offenders against the law. There is said to be a distinction between "gaol" and "prison;" the former being a place for temporary or provisional confinement, or for the punishment of the lighter offenses and misdemeanors, while the More...
    In criminal law. The delivery or clearing of a gaol of the prisoners confined therein, by trying them. In popular speech, the clearing of a gaol by the escape of the prisoners. -General gaol delivery. In English law. At the assises (q. v.) the judges sit bv virtue of five More...
    A warranty. Spelman.
    In French law. This word corresponds to warranty or covenants for title in English law. In the case of a sale this garantie extends to two things: (1) Peaceful possession of the thing sold; and (2) absence of undisclosed defects, (defauts caches.) Brown.
    In old Lombardic law. A gift; a free or absolute gift; a gift of the whole of a thing. Spelman.
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