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  • GUTI
    Jutes; one of the three nations who migrated from Germany to Britain at an early period. According to Spelman, they established themselves chiefly in Kent and the Isle of Wight.
    The diminutive of a sewer. Calli8, Sew. (80.) 100. In modern law, an open ditch or conduit designed to allow the passage of water from one point to another in a certain direction, whether for purposes of drainage, irrigation, or otherwise. Warren v. Henly, 31 Iowa, 31; Willis v. State, More...
    Maid's fee. A British word signifying a customary fine payable to lords of some manors on marriage of the tenant's daughters, or otherwise on their committing Incontinence. Cowell.
    A place of execution. Jacob.
    Waif, or waived; that which has been stolen and afterwards dropped in the highway for fear of a discovery. Cowell.
    The name of a court which was held every three weeks in the liberty or hundred of Pathbew in Warwick. Jacob.
    Sax. Compensation for fraud or trespass. Cowell.
    Government by a woman; a state in which women are legally capable of the supreme command; e. p., in Great Britain and Spain.
    Wandering monks. GYVES. Fetters or shackles for the legs.
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