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    In old English law. An amerciament or fine. Cowell.
    A string or ribbon by which the stocking is held upon the leg. The mark of the highest order of English knighthood, ranking next after the nobility. This military order of knighthood is said to have been first instituted by Richard I., at the siege of Acre, where he caused More...
    In English law. A yard; a little close or homestead in the north of England. Cowell; Blount. A dam or wear in a river, for the catching of fish.
    In old Scotch law. Warder. 1 Pitc. Crim. Tr. pt. 1, p. 8.
    A temporary governor of the country. Blount. A bailiff or steward. Spelman.
    L. Fr. Wastel; wastel bread; the finest sort of wheat bread. Britt. c. 30 ; Kelham.
    L. Fr. Waste or uncultivated ground. Britt. c. 57.
    A term used in the English universities to denote double commons.
    The measure of width of a rail way, fixed, with some exceptions, at 4 feet 8 1/2 inches in Great Britain and America, and 5 feet 3 inches in Ireland.
    A gauger. Lowell.
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