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    Lat An assembly. A Christian assembly; a church. A place of religious worship. Spelman. Ecelesia eoelesiss deoimas solvere nom debet. Cro. Eliz. 479. A church ought not to pay tithes to a church. Ecclesia est domns mansionalis Omni potentis Dei. 2 Inst. 164. The church is the mansion-house of the More...
    The image or sculpture of a church In ancient times was often cot out or cast in plate or other metal, and preserved as a religious treasure or relic, and to perpetuate the memory of some famous churches. Jacob.
    The ruler of a church.
    n. A clergyman; a priest; a man consecrated to the service of the church.
    Something belonging to or set apart for the church, as distinguished from "civil" or "secular," with regard to the world. Wharton. -Ecclesiastical authorities. In England, the clergy, under the sovereign, as temporal head oof tbe church, set apart from the rest of the people or laity, in order to superintend More...
    The attorney, proctor, or advocate of a corporation. Episcoporum ecdici; bishops' proctors; church lawyers. 1 Reeve, Eng. Law, 65.
    In French law. One of the two parts or pieces of a wooden tally. That in possession of tbe debtor is properly called the "tally," the other "echantillon." Poth, Obi. pt 4, c. 1, art 2, s 8.
    In French law. A municipal officer corresponding with alderman or burgess, and having in some instances a civil jurisdiction in certain causes of trifling importance.
    In medical Jurisprudence. The constant and senseless repetition of particular words or phrases, recognized as a sign or symptom of insanity or of aphasia.
    In French marine law. Stranding. Emerig. Tr. des Ass. c. 12, s. 13, no. L
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