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    In medical jurisprudence. Puerperal convulsions; a convulsive seizure which sometimes suddenly attacks a woman in labor or directly after, generally attended by unconscious-and occasionally by mental aberration.
    In medicine. That system followed by physicians who select their modes of practice and medicines from various schools. Webster. "Without professing to understand much of medical phraseology, we suppose that the terms 'allopathic practice and legitimate business* mean the ordinary method commonly adopted by the great body of learned and More...
    In French marine law. The clerk of a ship.' Emerig. Tr. des Ass. c. 11, a 3, no. 2.
    General; universal; as an ecumenical council. Groesbeeck v. Duns-comb, 41 How. Prac. (N. Y.) 344.
    In Saxon law. The offense of hedge-breaking. Obsolete.
    In old records. Buildings.
    A positive law promulgated by the sovereign of a country, and having reference either to the whole land or some of its divisions, but usually relating to affairs of State. It differs from a "public proclamation," in that it enacts a new statute, and carries with it the authority of More...
    In Scotch law. A citation published at the market-cross of Edinburgh, and pier and shore of Lelth. Used against foreigners not within the kingdom, but having a landed estate there, and against natives out of the kingdom. Bell.
    Thirteen constitutions or laws of this prince, found in most editions of the Corpus Juris Civilis, after the Novels. Being confined to matters of police in the provinces of the empire, they are of little use.
    In the Roman law. An edict; a mandate, or ordinance. An ordinance, or law, enacted by the emperor without tbe senate; belonging to the class of constitutiones principis. Inst. 1, 2, 6. An edict was a mere voluntary constitution of the emperor; differing from a rescript, in not being returned More...
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